Sea Bird

Back to drawing after a few nights absence. It is an expanded version of a sketchbook doodle. This is a wee bit bigger than the usual CD size of late. I can see it bigger with more detail as a gig poster or something. I’m planning a new camera to improve the quality of the images – maybe a scanner if I can get one to do the wireless to iPad thing.

The blogging thing feels a bit empty after the May faces effort. Need to post more often though.


7 thoughts on “Sea Bird

  1. Is this one of those sea birds that swoop down and nick your chips? And I know what you mean about the flat feeling after the 29 faces. We’ll have to come up with another challenge 😉

    • Nah – it’s land birds that nick chips! I haven’t been doodling nearly as much this month. I enjoyed the bird one though – may do another, or two. Bit bigger, take sometime. In the mean time I have a bunny run to build.

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