29 Faces #29 The Final Face

Yay – the last face! I couldn’t do this face thing without some comment on the vomit-inducing jubilee nonsense that the establishment is bombarding us with here. I make no apologies to royalists – I have no time for monarchy in any shape or form.

As suggested, I did this one with a medium I don’t usually use – in this case I did it on the iPad using the Sketchbook Pro app and a couple of free photo effect apps. I quite like the effects you can get but I am not all that taken with the process. Like I’ve said before I love art materials too much.


6 thoughts on “29 Faces #29 The Final Face

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  2. Not only do I love the image, but I’m also no mentally going through my awesome collection of punk rock and thinking of all of the British bands that did a fine job of slagging the monarchy.

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