29 Faces #23 Breakdown Head

This is a bit bluuuuuurrrghhh. I know what I mean. Bit unplanned, wandering pen kind of nonsense. I did hope to do more than one today but there you go – I’ll have to double up on the remaining days though. I’m going to stop calling them heids – I do not talk like that. Might try another elf though with the template set by elf maestro Ziggyshortcrust.

Ok, I’m off to bed with my Picasso book.


3 thoughts on “29 Faces #23 Breakdown Head

  1. Oh I see “heid” is like “heed” in Geordie or “ed” if you’re Yorkshire like me and “head” to ordinary folk? Or have I got that totally wrong?
    Elf maestro? I’m blushing.

  2. Fabulous and just a slight bit disturbing! Lol fascinating. We’re ‘English’-speakers having difficulty understanding each other. I just glossed over “heid” thinking it was something mystical that I was ignorant about 😛

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