29 faces #17 The Stolen Elf

I hate it when rubbing out pencil lines the cheap supermarket ink smudges – I could always cultivate some patience and wait for it to dry for the week it seems to need.

Ok, I’ve got 12 faces left to do and only 7 days left – I will have to really get my act together or do some slap dash faces. No more tonight though, it’s past midnight.


3 thoughts on “29 faces #17 The Stolen Elf

  1. Oh super! Just the dashing elf for Ziggy’s hopelessly romantic one for today. Love is in the air! He’s a bit of a rogue this one 😉 I love how you’ve drawn him.

  2. I could’ve sworn I’d passed comment on this dapper chap. Better late than never. It’s Windy Miller all elfed up isn’t it? And that is the sharpest chin I’ve ever seen on an elf. Nice one 🙂

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