29 Faces #12 Bird & 3 Stringed Instrument

I know I have some catching up to do but I sold my commission today so I might get some more faces done. This is the first one I haven’t put through a filter. Due to tedious reasons I had to take the pic with the rubbish iPad camera. It is also done in biro, for a change. As can be seen it is unfinished – I may or may not finish it. The full stupid title should be ‘He Watches the Bird Fall for an Unplayable 3 Stringed Instrument’


5 thoughts on “29 Faces #12 Bird & 3 Stringed Instrument

  1. Nice title 😉 I like how this one has a feel if the block print style ones of recent darts but with a slightly more relaxed Daliesque feel…I especially like the lines of the top of the 3 stringed instrument for some reason. Congrats on finally finishing the commission piece!

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