29 Faces #11 Banjo Heid

He’s here again, the man with the tenor banjo in his mouth…I love a bit of Kate Bush now and then. Ok – its 17th May and I’m only on face eleven – need to get busy if I am to complete this arbitrary but interesting project. Commissions, pizza delivery and life get in the way.

My girlfriend and I met 10 years ago today. Where does the time go and when did two children turn up? Ah life, it’s bigger, bigger than you and you are not me. Making me think what was going on today 10 years ago? What music was on the go? What was I wearing – I remember that – I was reminded this morning that I turned up for our first date in a fleece. Ok I’m going to stop now and pick up one of those children from nursery – before I venture any further down amnesia lane.


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