29 Faces in May #4

20120507-135222.jpgOk ok so I cheated – this is one my daughter did at nursery and is on the kitchen wall. When she did it the rest of the class painted messy blobs and Molly comes up with a monkey. I will do a face at some point today.


3 thoughts on “29 Faces in May #4

  1. Sorry to break it to you, but…give up now, your daughter’s outshone you 😛
    LOL just kidding, but it’s clear some of your talent has rubbed off on her! Thanks for treating us to this ray of sunshine today 🙂

    • Lol she always outshines me. It is watching her free uninhibited drawing and painting that has inspired me to get back into it. As Picasso said it just comes naturally to children.

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