Art, Music, Rant.

It’s 5 to midnight so I’m squeezing in some late words. Think I’ll break it down.

Nice time in town with my daughter today – picked up my unselected painting and went to the exhibition to see what success looks like. And it looks alright – although the prizewinners left me cold some of the work was lovely. If I’m ever to get in then I’m going to have to make my work a bit more refined. Not that I believe in compromising to get into an exhibition.

Came across a fab artist online tonight – Julie Mehretu – she is very successful but I just hadn’t seen her work – big abstract detailed drawing and painting. Makes me want to go big – bigger than I’ve ever done – I’ve always worked on a relatively small scale.

I’ve been sketchbooking a little but taking a break from the commissions for a couple of nights. Back to it in the week. Still doing too much in-head painting but I’ve a feeling this will change.

And finally music. You can keep your dubstep, electronica etc – just give me guitars, drums and a good vocal – head on over to You Tube and get a load of Alabama Shakes ‘Hold On’ video – top tune. I’m a little old school in my tastes though – only started listening to the Decemberists this year and I totally love their work.

I was in HMV today and the music has all been moved upstairs to make way for the shallower pursuits of DVD and gaming – sad times for music in many ways. And what is it with young kids wandering around with £200+ big headphones listening to the crap that is MP3? Neil Young reckons that it only replicates 5% of what is played in the studio.

Anyway, my rants are many and you don’t wanna hear them. Time to head for bed.


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