Sketchbook, Audiobook

I like this new sketchbook so much that I’ve just bought another one – and I never buy two the same. Cheapness is a big factor but it’s quality paper too and only 20 pages so it fills up fast. I also got a couple of brushes from the daler rowney graduate range – at £1.99 they are great value – they say they are for ‘students and hobbyists’ but honestly, has anyone looked at a painting in a gallery and thought ‘looks like it was done with cheap brushes’? No I doubt it very much. Sorry about the crap photo btw – got to find a better app for collaging photos.

I’ve been working on my commissions too. There is an element of the Morrissey tattoo design that wasn’t liked so needs rethinking and tonight I started the preparatory drawing of the Gary Moore portrait. Just gotta keep at it.

While I was drawing tonight I was listening to an audiobook – Richard Dawkins’ The Magic Of Reality – quite a nice experience and makes a change from music or the telly blaring in the background.

“Your 185 million x grandfather looked like a fish”

Must post more on here. I’ve been neglecting it and it is enjoyable.


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