Artless Post

I have no pictures to post so I’m just going to rave on – ok? Ok.

I’m taking a break from doing art tonight – had a pile of ironing which ate up the bulk of the evening, leaving time to slouch, channel flick and aimlessly browse the iPad – this kind of browsing is usually fruitless but tonight I found a gem – the Tunein Radio app – basically a searchable Internet radio gizmo. I punched in my fave band of the moment, The Decemberists, and it came up with all sorts of fab broadcasts – I don’t actually own any Decemberists material – only accessed them through podcasts, YouTube, Hype Machine and Internet radio – is this bad? Do I feel guilty? Nah – id love to buy some CDs but money is thin on the ground just now. The net just makes music so accessible.

I do have plans for art in April – I’m working on a piece for entry into an exhibition and I’m also going to take it to my interview for an HND in art in design I’m hoping to do after the summer. I’ve also got a tattoo design to finish that I’ve been dragging my heels with a bit. I am also full of…

Doubts. Nothing major, just the usual am I good enough to develop a saleable product through my image making kind of doubts. Ok I’ve sold to friends but never to the great unknown. I know I’m not that stage just now and that I need to work on it a lot. I just enjoy making images – I don’t think ive ever done it because I think I’m good at it – so I may fall flat on my face- who knows.

Ok it’s creeping towards midnight so it’s time for the arms of Orpheus for me. May write more tomorrow, then again I may not.


2 thoughts on “Artless Post

  1. So much of the work of art is staring into space. At least you got your ironing done. Found some good music.

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