I’ve hit a bit of a creative trough – just not motivated. I should be. I’ve got a Gary Moore painting to do for someone and I’ve been asked to do a Morrissey inspired tattoo design. Half-heartedness is no use. Someone/something kickstart me please. There are too many distractions. An iPad is a wonderfully thing but it has 101 ways to keep you from doing what you should or could be doing.

Like sleeping.

Instead I’m listening to the Decemberists doing Human Behaviour and typing this.

To sleep, perchance to dream of pictures made….


2 thoughts on “Lull

  1. To jump start an inspired moment I’ve tried dancing, I’ve tried singing, I’ve tried coloring, I’ve tried staring out the window, I have tried staring at the insides of my eyeballs, I have sat for hours in front of one sentence hoping for the next one, I have tried…When I give up trying I clean something.

    How to call back your muse…If you figure that one out, please, share your techniques.

    I like your Egyptian-like doodles.

  2. Stepping away from my drawing board and having a good cup of real tea sorts me out, or a long walk with the skinny dogs. But the thing that really bucks me up is all the lovely comments from fellow bloggers. I’ve just stumbled upon your site and I love your work especially the ink drawings. Don’t get disheartened…pop the kettle on 😉

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