Wordy post


I didn’t really want to post material from Facebook or Twitter on here but I guess it was unavoidable at some stage. I just really like this quote.

I was only going to post finished artworks on here too but that rule may well be broken at some point too. Pages from the sketchbook may well turn up here if I deem them fit enough. Don’t think I’ll be going back to the ‘daily drawing’ posts I was doing on Facebook towards the end of last year though. Really wish I had a scanner though.

Think I’m losing the desire to make everything I write on here be vital and important – sometimes I just need to ramble – yes, I think rambling on is a basic human trait and who am I to deny my genetic reality.

Once upon a time I was prolific at writing endless screeds of nonsense – 20+ years ago in the pre- net age of snail mail I used to scribble letters to friends on a nightly basis – observations, bad poems, streams of conscience and streams of piss – I do hope these letters are not lurking anywhere – just as well the Internet wasn’t around then or there would be a very public trail to chase.

Ok, enough.


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