Post creative emptiness and the unknown point of sketchbooks

I’ve got that empty, spent feeling after I’ve completed a painting – the ‘what next?’ feeling – even though I’ve got a couple of commissions I could be working on the motivation isn’t quite there yet. So it’s back to the glorified doodling of the sketchbook – whatever I do in there and whatever any further intentions there may be I never, and I mean never do any finished work as a result. The finished stuff i.e. the painted portraits always get created totally separately to the sketchbook. Any other people who create out there do this?

Also I’m realising that I’m going to have to write regularly on this blog as waiting for artwork isn’t going to cut it. A kind of use it or lose it. Thing is, with Twitter, Facebook etc there is so much going on online as it is. Maybe I should just bit the bullet and post random stuff as well.

‘the sun drives locomotives to the ocean’ – there you go – a favourite lyric of mine.

This just might not be all about art….


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